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Bill Foxx

Bill Foxx was born and raised in a suburb just south of Boston, Massachusetts.  Son of a heavy equipment operator and a school nurse, Bill knew at an early age that he didn’t know what he wanted to do when he grew up.  College decision time came and Bill chose Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts.  It was there that, through a mutual friend, he met his future wife, Jeannine (Solimine) Foxx, but more on that later.

After college, Bill bounced around in manufacturing and retail, before getting into sales with Lorillard Tobacco Company, promoting the True, Kent, and Newport brands.  Selling tar and nicotine just didn’t make Bill feel great about achieving his sales goals so he went to work for TAP Pharmaceuticals selling Lupron Depot for advanced prostate cancer.  Eleven years later, he has joined his wife in the call to protect their friend’s assets, by making sure their lives, autos, and homes, are properly insured.

Bill sums it up well:  “The cost of NOT doing business with Jeannine and I is much greater than the cost of doing business with us!  Everybody needs insurance.  Get it from us, people who do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  We’re not running out of town.  We’re growing old with our friends and clients.  We pay it forward and know our family has a great reputation because of what we do for people.  People don’t buy insurance from us, they buy us!”

Married 19 years (Jeannine swears it feels like 29!  “Trust me, he’s no picnic” she says.), the Foxxes are active in the community and can be seen driving one of their three kids somewhere, although new driver Cassie has helped alleviate some of the back and forth (yes, they made her take driver’s ed for safety and for a discount on their liability).

Contact Bill or Jeannine and ask them to make sure your assets are protected through insurance risk management. Trust them.  Let them do “the right thing” for your family!


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